They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but almost everyone can appreciate a lovely beach in a wonderful location. The golden sand, clear blue sea and the bright sunshine will bring a smile to anyone’s face. But what are the world’s most beautiful beaches?


• Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

This idyllic beach has all the hallmarks of what makes a beautiful beach. A popular attraction for tourists, especially those who like to party. Sunrise beach, which is on the islands peninsula Hat Rin, has something of a reputation for its full moon parties.

If you have never been to one of these epic beach raves you are really missing out, the parties started out as small events but have grown over the years attracting partiers from all around the globe. If you are a single male in your 20s or 30s then these events are a great place to meet single Thai girls. So, do yourself a favour, if you are planning a trip to Thailand, do not pass up a chance to experience the revelry first hand!



• Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles

What list would be complete without the beautiful beaches of the Seychelles? The Island of La Digue is home to a lovely pink sandy beach in front of striking granite boulders. Add to that crystal clear water and it’s a no wonder it’s one of the most photographed places.



• Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Now if you had a picture in your mind of the perfect beach, this may match it. Palm trees over hanging beautiful white sand and a coral reef nearby. Lanikai Beach is a truly wonderful sight, with picture postcard views.




• Fernando de Noronha Island, Brazil

A lovely turquoise sea and sandy beach will greet you at this idyllic location. Made all the more dramatic by the towering rocks that rise triumphantly out of the water. Plenty of space to stretch out and relax.

This sandy paradise holds a special place in Brazilian’s hearts, hovering somewhere between Shangri-La and Atlantis in many Brazilian’s imaginations. It is said that on Fernando de Noronha Island even the sharks are friendly.

The remoteness of the island enhances its exclusivity and mystique – and as a result It is not cheap to stay there, many Brazilians and foreigners alike shell out good money for the opportunity to find romance in paradise and lately the island has become a popular destination for newlyweds to spend their for honeymoon. But many find the island a little too extreme for their liking.



• Palawan, Philippines

This is a beach that can really make you feel like you are on a desert island. This very secluded spot is a beach comber’s paradise and just happens to be beautiful as well.

The island is a meca for international party goers and water sports enthusiasts, and the fact that there are hundreds of beautiful brown skinned Filipinas littering the beaches only adds to its allure as one of the World’s best beaches.



• Navagio, Zakynthos, Greece

This is a really stunningly beautiful cove that is at the base of towering white cliffs. The water is as clear and as blue as you will ever see. It also holds a little secret, a ship wreck, yes a ship wreck, left behind by smugglers. What more could you ask for?

This is only a small sample of the wonderfully beautiful beaches you can find all over the world. It doesn’t even have to be warm, Durness in Scotland may not be bathed in sunshine, but it is very beautiful. There is a little spot of sandy perfection for everyone out there somewhere. So wherever you decide to travel, take your towel and save some time for a little relaxing on the beach.

One cannot have a complete and fulfilled lifestyle without taking part in any physical activity involving the exertion of any skill as an active past time, hobby or occupation. The 5 Most Popular Waters ports are just a few of the unlimited water events one can engage in when he is still undecided of which aquatic sport he wants to try out and experience. One will not run out of choices even before he hits the water.

popular watersportsWater sport is any kind of sport activity carried out on or in water. One can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, boating, sailing skiing , surfing, para sailing, body boarding,  wind surfing, kite boarding  jet skiing, rafting and rowing. Some of these sports might require basic training procedures. The inventory of this type of amusement is huge and limitless.

Beach events are always inclusive of the thrill of scuba diving. It is one of the most well-liked aquatic adventures. It is a kind of underwater diving in which the individual makes use of a scuba gear to enable him to breathe while submerged. Engaging in this sport can be for pure pleasure or for occupational benefits.

Surfing is another activity enjoyed by those who dare to ride the ocean waves. It is a surface aquatic diversion where the surfer rides on the most front part of a wave while he is being transported towards the edge where water meets the shore. Surfing means to ride the waves. The use of a flat piece of wood to stand up on while cruising in a wave is called paddle boarding  while body boarding is when the rider surfs without a board and cruises with his body.

One can also try jet-skiing. This is done riding on a wave runner or a personal water craft. It is considered to be such an enjoyable sport because the rider cuts through the waves in high speeds. It is like riding a motorcycle while maneuvering a rough terrain.

windsurfingWindsurfing can also be a pleasurable activity done on water. It blends the basics of sailing and surfing. One uses a board that will be driven by the breeze on a sail which is a strong and a big piece of fabric shaped as a triangle or rectangle secured by ropes, wires and pulleys used to navigate the board. This entertainment will challenge one’s sense of balance and full body synchronicity.

Para sailing has become one of the most appealing water adventures when one is in the beach. It is in this recreation that an individual is fitted into a set of straps to fasten him in position while these straps, known as a harness, are connected to a parachute. One holds on to a cable while he is being pulled by a boat or any other motorized water vehicle. While one is lifted up in the air at a fast pace, one is able to have a grand view and enjoy the scenery from above.

The popularity of aquatic activities can vary depending on the actual location and attributes of the body of water. The 5 Most Popular Waters ports are being enjoyed by beach lovers everywhere. Although the excitement and intense pleasure achieved with these sports are shared by all enthusiasts, it is probably more attractive because of the feeling of liberation one attains in these physically challenging recreations.